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Foundation for Sanger SchoolsSanger Foundation

What is the Foundation for Sanger Unified Schools?

The Foundation is an independent, non-profit corporation that was organized in 2005 to support the educational efforts of the Sanger Unified School District. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of local business, community, and educational leaders.

Support from the Foundation is a crucial component in the District’s ability to meet community expectations for the educational goals of our students. The overall goal of the Foundation is to help expand and maintain programs with a focus on funding new and innovative educational programs and initiatives.

Foundation efforts continue to be essential in preparing our children for the highly competitive and evolving world they will face.

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Our Vision & Mission
The Foundation‘s Mission
To advocate and develop resources to advance Sanger Unified School District’s vision, ensuring that all students have equitable access to rigorous academic instruction.

The Foundation’s Vision
To create a community where every student receives equitable access to education, helping ensure student achievement in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why do we need a Foundation?
The answer is both easy and simple: to provide Sanger Unified School District with independent funding sources to support new and innovative educational programs via a variety of educational grants and to provide college scholarships to Sanger students.

How does the Foundation raise money?
The Foundation conducts annual community-based campaigns to support the educational programs of the Sanger Unified School District.  Business and individual sponsorships are also available as a means to provide ongoing support to the Foundation.  Foundation board members work in partnership with community leaders, businesses, residents and district employees to discuss the work of the Foundation, and to ask for their support.

How your contribution helps:

30% of all donations go into our Academic Fund which funds the following programs: student scholarships, classroom, and school-site grants.

30% of all donations go into our Co-Curricular Fund which funds the following programs: arts, a host of student activities, art program, music, agricultural and athletic programs.

30% of all donations go into our Investment Fund to help ensure we have adequate resources available for current and future programs.

10% of all donations go into our Immediate Need Fund to help students, families or other special needs that might come up during an academic year. This fund is used at the discretion of the District Superintendent.

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How do I make a donation?
You may donate to the Foundation by mailing your check to the Foundation for Sanger Unified Schools, to: 1905 7th Street, Sanger, CA 93657

To donate via credit or debit cards online, click here.

Contributions to the Foundation are exempt from federal income tax under section 170c of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax ID Number 20-4712286.